Why choose edler

P R O D U C T  A D V A N T A G E    1 

M E L A M I N E    &   E D G E  B A N D I N G

                    We retain about 400 classic hot-selling wood grain colors, and can provide customers with about forty new colors of the current period. 

                    There are many kinds of colors, and the requirements for edge banding are very demanding. So how do we choose edge banding?

                    For each new color product, our product team first conducts a large-scale search on the market for our edge banding tape. 

                    This process is usually completed within 7 days, and then we choose to ship it from our partner factory. 5-10 kinds of similar colors, 

                    if there is no similar color, we will not use regular black or brown, but choose a tailor-made edge band for the product. 

                    After the on-site testing of the sample edge banding tape, it matches with our wood board. 

                    Finally choose the most suitable color for this wood grain. So it can be seen that the performance of our melamine wood grain products is very natural and outstanding.

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R A W  M A T E R I A L    &   W O O D E N  P A N E L


                    Our wooden boards only use top-quality materials, and each board needs to pass the quality inspection established by edler that is higher than the national standard. 


                    Choose the most impact-resistant, durable wood board with the lowest expansion rate after 72 hours of immersion test. 


                    It will make your bathroom cabinet have a longer service life, less deformation, and more difficult to peel off the surface wood grain or paint.

P R O D U C T  A D V A N T A G E    3 

A D V A N C E D   P A I N T I N G


                    Paint is definitely our strong point. 

                    Years of paint cabinet manufacturing experience, hundreds of product feedback, make our paint as stable as car paint, brightness, gloss, and flatness. Customers who saw our products were full of praise. 

                    The reflection like a mirror is the result of hard work since edler.

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