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Laminate bathroom cabinet or Lacquered bathroom cabinet?

Date:2020.11.27   Views:1878

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Laminate(Melamine) Or Lacquered?

Laminate or lacquer? Which of these two materials should you choose for your bathroom vanity?

Understanding what to choose is crucial since the bathroom is exposed to wear.
Both for everyday use, even several times a day, for the environmental characteristics created in a place like this, such as humidity and vapours.
This choice will affect its use and certainly its final price.

 Firstly,let's see which are the differences between lacquered and laminated.

Q1:What is laminate(Melamine Finished)?
Laminate is a coating based on sheets applied to wooden panels material that is characterized by low cost and practicality of use.

It's a plastic sheet saturated with a melamine resin that covers the support and generally consists of chipboard / MDF panels/plywood.

The sheets are glued together using strong pressure in combination with heat. 

This implies that the edges of melamine doors have the characteristic line. 

You can find below photo.And it is a model you can find in our store:

" I don't know if you are like me, it is difficult to find this line at first glance. 
  but it real has melamine edges,this is what we are proud of" ----Ringo Chen (Director in Wenzhou Look Furniture Co.,Ltd)

When gluing the edges of laminate doors, Edler uses polyurethane adhesives which in turn are especially resistant to water, humidity, heat, and steam. 

With the doors protected in this manner, only minimal cleaning is required.

Laminate offers copious options in terms of color and finish.

Laminate Color Reference:(more than 400+wood color in our stock)or you can check our web to see more melamine model and color.


Q2:What Is Lacquer?

The lacquering is a kind of painting that uses lacquer, that is, covering polyester paint or coloured polyurethane, without the line on the edges.

Smooth Wood surfaces or wood fibres can be lacquered, like MDF and plywood. In other words, it perfectly covers the surface, giving thickness in hue, impacts resistance, homogeneity, and flatness.

Little secrets: more the reflections of the objects are clean/tidy on the lacquered doors, more the furniture is good. 

Its quality is determined by the paint used. 

To guarantee long-lasting colour, we use polyester paint which composed of resin, hardeners, and catalysts.

Being an applied coating, the customization possibilities are endless and it is possible to cover the PANTONE, realizing any shade of colour. Edler can also help you to be customized on request.

Laminate Color Reference:

Besides, you can choose from glossy or matte lacquer, two sides of the same coin that can confer very different sensations for equal colours.

√ Glossy: reflects like a mirror.

√ Matte: absorbs light.Luxurious

The lacquered furniture is more delicate than laminated one, therefore the maintenance must be realized with due caution. 

To perform maintenance and cleaning, we recommend using a soft cloth dampened with water and a little.

If you have any question ,please feel free to contact us!