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2021-A New Start of edler bathroom (Determine Your Future Profit)

Date:2021.01.07   Views:1592


Marissa said:

1. "Why you are different from my other supplier? Price different"


2. "How can I know your bathroom vanity quality?"


3. "What's your core point compared other suppliers?"


4. "Does the bathroom cabinet produced in your factory contain formaldehyde? My customer just had a baby, and she is worried about this!"


5. “Due to COVID-19, our company 30+store is closed, so we start E-commerce but I have very headache in feedback policy from consumer, if the quality is not good, we need send the product back to them and pay double freight. How can you  help me reduce my loss


6. "I need re-sell your product to another country, what's your package? Can I print my logo and some bar code in the outside carton? "


7. "I am making a construction project, budget is limited, is it possible to help us re-design or meet that budget?  "


8. "I have my own brand in the bathroom cabinet, can your company's designer design new model special for us each year? "


9. "It is very expensive to take bathroom cabinet video and photo in my city, can you send me your photos and videos to support our sales?"


10."I need to make an annual order each year and each time. Time is money for us. How can you promise order finished time?"


11.Shipping cost is too high, I would like to choose flat package to replace install well, can you provide install videos of each model to us?


Above are the Top 10 questions we receive from our worldwide customer over last year, some of them are famous company.

One of my customers are making a living on bathroom accessories, so he starts importing bathroom vanity to earn more internet flew.Last year we help him to expand more than 2 new stores.



Except for above questions, we will also post article in each week to let you know more tips in wall mounted vanity/floor-standing vanity, LED bathroom mirror and  LED mirror cabinet, FSC raw material ... and hope my post can help you purchase easier and smarter in your business.


Also, we will show you our test of bathroom cabinet waterproof, Scratch resistantFormaldehyde.....


If you have difficulties to make the idea in Decoration to your customer, I will show you more than 50+cases about DIY house and bathroom. (If I have time....)


2021, must be a great year.

Due to we invest more Intelligent bathroom equipmentlike Intelligent painting machineAutomatic packaging means we will improve more than 30% efficiency each day


And the most let me surprised is we start to make 100% solid wood bathroom cabinet export. Before that, we only supply high-level in our domestic store.

Know in advance next post: Why Your idea of raw material Could Be Killing Your Business?

Let’s stay tuned!