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How to manufacture a paint bathroom vanity?

Date:2020.10.30   Views:935


These days ,some my customers asked me :

Why your company paint bathroom vanity have better quality compared others?

Why lacquered finised time need takes 40days but Melanie bathroom vanity only need 20days??

Why lacquered bathroom vanity is much expensive than laminated one?


So let's get started.

After reading, you will find grinding and polishing a paint bathroom vanity is complex and time-consuming. 

To make a great waterproof performance and smother in its surface, we use the raw material is MDF/plywood which covers an anti-water Melamine coating.

Step1: Prepare raw material

This step seems very easy only three words .But raw material is a key to dertermin the quality of bathroom vanity.

Edler use E0 level MDF /PB /Plywood to take care your customer and your family.

Step 2: Cutting Edge

Step 3: Drilling

Step 4: Machine polishing

This is mainly to remove surface impurities so that small paint molecules can be more easily attached to the surface and look smoother.

Step 5: Wipe off the dust

Step 6: Spray primer. Only for gloss one and it takes dry naturally for 12-15 hours.

Step 7: machine polishing

Use 320# sandpaper to polish until no bright spots and rugged in the surface.

Step 8: Manual polishing(will use 3type of sander .Compared matte one, gloss one need to use more 800#sander to get the same brightness as the mirror.)

Polishing by hand makes the board more aura. When wooden boards are in the hands of workers with more than 15 years of polishing experience, they are treated more like a work of art.

9. Spray topcoat, this layer is to increase its hardness and gloss (this process takes 30h, of which surface drying room: 5h hard drying room: 25h, the detailed process will be shared in detail next time)

To get the best results, our factory's requirements are 200 g/m2 for glossy coating on MDF panels which is 11-25% higher than the average manufacture.

For matte one only need 250g/m2 for matte coating because matt one only needs Spray topcoat for once.

Polyester paint is composed of resin, curing agent and catalyst.

Below a summary sketch of the two ways:


 (black lacquered quality of Edler)

You will find more in future posts which cover bathroom furniture, like craft, quality control, market trend.
Hope you like it and it is useful.