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bathroom vanity manufacturer in China


bathroom vanity manufacturer IN China

EDLER Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Factory
EDLER China washroom vanity manufacturer in exhibition

  EDLER (Wenzhou Look Furniture Co., Ltd.)

  EDLER is a professional bathroom vanity manufacturer in China. Our vision is to become the best bathroom vanity exporter and the best bathroom cabinet supplier. We sincerely invite wholesalers and retailers from all over the world to visit and guide our factory.

   We produce bathroom vanities made of particleboard, MDF, and plywood. At the same time, we are equipped with melamine, matte paint, glossy paint, and veneer as the finish. We have milling, carving, splicing, and other processes. Provide importers with various styles of bathroom vanities.

    We undertake orders for bathroom vanities from global brands, wholesalers, retailers, and engineering projects. At present, we have exported to more than 40 countries or regions, with an annual output of more than 250,000 bathroom cabinets.

edler Factory overview

bathroom vanity cabinet manufacturer
Banding Machine
Bathroom Cabinet Factory 's Production Process

    EDLER factory is located in Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. The factory environment is pleasant, the equipment is professional, and the staff is friendly. There are more than 40 professional workers, and also has a design department, purchasing department, and sales department.  Our hard power allows international customers to establish a good relationship of trust and cooperation with us.



As a professional bathroom vanity manufacturer in China. We are very good at producing paint-free board products, producing more than 20,000 kinds of wood grain colors. Large output, fast delivery, low MOQ, and high-cost performance are our advantages. We have 2 cutting machines, 4 edge banding machines, and more than ten workers to deal with the details of the boards after edge banding.


We can produce bathroom vanities for you in both matte paint and gloss paint finishes, these bathroom cabinets are very popular in Europe, North America, and Oceania. We use the most environmentally friendly water-based paints to provide you with the safest product. The environmental protection and stability performance of the paint can pass almost all professional tests.

Wood veneer bathroom

We also produce some customized high-end bathroom cabinets. We are good at solid wood carving, and we can handle and complete the door panel or drawer panel shape you need. They are usually carved by the file of the machining center, and the actual finished product size and the product size error of the drawing design are less than 1mm.

professional equipment


We have more than 20 sets of professional equipment, mainly including cutting machines, edge banding machines, hydraulic presses, grinding machines, and processing center machine. And equipped with a professional paint room, warehouse. We can produce bathroom cabinets for almost all different countries’ market demands.

edler advantages


Since we started production in 2006, we have decided to become an outstanding bathroom vanity manufacturer in China. As a panel furniture factory, we will have many opportunities to receive orders such as wardrobes and vanity, but bathroom vanity is always our first choice. This allows us to have a high degree of professionalism in bathroom vanity. We know almost everything in this field. You can rest assured that you can hand over the drawings of the products you sell to us, and we will make your favorite products for you.

Sourcing ability

We can not only provide you with the best bathroom vanity production solutions, to meet the development needs of customers, but we also provide our customers with high-quality bathroom mirrors, faucets, basin drains, floor drains, and showers, and we can also find more other bathroom products, it is almost free of charge. And for these products, our professionalism is in no way inferior to bathroom vanity.

Product Range

We mainly use particleboard, MDF, plywood, and other mainstream raw materials in the world to produce bathroom vanities. Our finished products mainly include Laminate bathroom vanity (Melamine bathroom vanity), matte paint bathroom vanity, and glossy paint bathroom vanity. At the same time, we are proficient in MDF door panel carving, bathroom vanity handles carving, veneer bathroom vanity oblique edge sealing technology, etc.


Controlling the cost of products is something we are very good at. We are not the cheapest bathroom vanity, but we strive to be the best quality products in the same price range and the best price in the same quality products. First of all, we know what kind of quality our products must have, so we will not blindly pursue price and cut corners on our products, and in decades of production experience, we continue to optimize the production process, we control Most costs, which also creates profit margins for our customers. You have reason to believe that we are a trusted bathroom vanity manufacturer in China.


We attach great importance to customer experience, adhering to the principle of customer experience first, and profit second, we keep moving forward and doing a lot of things for our customers, because we know clearly that without customers, we will not be there. On the premise of equality and win-win, our team is willing to do more things for customers than other bathroom vanity manufacturers in China. You can often see employees or teams working overtime for customers at ten or eleven o'clock every night. As an EDLER member of the company, tired but worthwhile, if it can bring happiness to customers, that is our greatest happiness.


If one day you cooperate with us, then congratulations, your business has got our omnipotent team. Contact us, there will be professional sales docking with you, to answer any of your questions in the shortest time. From confirmation of product to quotation, we never make you wait more than 24 hours. Let the product turn from drawing to the real thing, no matter what product it is, we can complete the sample within 3 days and the slowest as slow as 7 days. This is because our organizational structure is very flexible, abandoning all irrelevant procedures just to allow customers to get their containers faster. Everything about bathroom vanity is covered by EDLER, we can always find the best solution for you.

edler business

1 container exported to Israel, containing MDF matt paint bathroom vanities and particleboard melamine bathroom vanities

2 containers exported to Germany containing MDF glossy paint bathroom vanities

1 container exported to Japan containing plywood-melamine bathroom vanities

1 container exported to Australia containing MDF matte paint bathroom vanities

edler service

Bathroom Vanity Assembly CAD

Order matching tracking service

Timely, excellent, and professional after-sales service is what EDLER has promised and provided.

You will receive complete sets of services for the projects in time, such as technical documents, drawings, product manuals, production schedules, production/inspection control plans, etc.

You can also get professional services from technically professional personnel including quality follow-up of sold products, site unpacking & inspection, installation guide, debugging, and technical training.

Bathroom Cabinet Shooting Scene

Filming service

If you are an e-commerce seller, or you want to start your business on the Internet. If you place an order for a product with a quantity greater than 40HQ at one time, we will take pictures of your products for free (within 10 sets) suitable for online sales (the scene needs to be taken according to the scene we provide), and we will be responsible for the pictures refinement.

Bathroom Vanity Factory Wood processing center
Play Video

Video manual service

If you place an order for products with a quantity greater than 40HQ at one time, we will provide you with a free full-process paper manual + video version of the manual production, you no longer need to spend time and energy to re-produce the manual.


Welcome to import bathroom vanities from EDLER, we will provide you with the most worry-free sales service.