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We will introduce you how we produce bathroom cabinets, how to become a bathroom vanities factory in China, and teach you how to choose bathroom vanities.

When you start your bathroom vanity business,the first thing you need to figure out is “which material board and which finish”.

The bathroom cabinet has a lot of material.The major material in market are wood,others like PVC or metal we might talk in another article.EDLER,professional bathroom cabinet manufacture in China,write below words for the beginner.

The raw material board also has very wide choice range.Middle density fibreboard(MDF),particle board and plywood board might be the most popular wooden board in export&import market.Those bathroom cabinets made of solid wood need to be fumigated and inspection by the professional agency before the shipment will increase time cost on the business.EDLER factory made more than millions bathroom cabinets per year and 80% of those were made by MDF. As somebody might know the plywood is built by thin layers of wood veneer which were glued together. 

And the MDF made by breaking down wood material into wooden fibre,then combining with wax or resin.After high temperature and pressure,the fibre will be formed into panels.Different temperature and pressure will product different density board.EDLER’s MDF board is more than 700 some might reach 720 which in others factory will called the board HDF(high density fibreboard).The different standard make different bathroom cabinet.The professional Elder’s craftsman think the raw material is the key factor to build the bathroom cabinet. Middle density fibreboard(MDF) is frequently used on economic market,when higher price market is occurred by plywood board.

Plywood can use longer than MDF or particle board.Usually,the warranty for MDF is 3 years,which is shorter than plywood.When you use the bathroom cabinet in usual situation,not extremely wet/hot,the plywood board can use 8 years or more.

Bathroom Vanities Factory Melamine Color Card

When you decide the bathroom cabinet raw material boards,the next thing is to choose the finish.Melamine is recently wide used.Its colorful and flexible pattern can create more styles which paint can not reach.From ecological eagle, the melamine board is more health to the world environment because the painted board will cause more waste in production.

However, the painted board has its special and unique reflection which melamine board can’t get. Let’s talk more details in below.

The production of melamine board is like you put a sticker on the board. The original pattern is printed on a paper. It will be full of glue, then deal with high temperate heat and finally stick on the board.

The production of paint board is not that much easy as melamine.Matte paint board will during 2 times painting.Only when last time painting layer totally dry, the next layer can be on. For glossy paint board, it needs 5 times to make the mirror reflection.


If you need wood grain bathroom cabinets, then we recommend you to choose melamine bathroom cabinets made of particleboard and plywood. If you want a monotonous color, then choose a painted bathroom cabinet. The color of the painted bathroom cabinet is purer, which will make the bathroom look more upscale. And you can choose matte or glossy according to your needs.

So let’s briefly talk about the process of the product. Bathroom vanities need to go through cutting, edge banding, punching, trimming, sanding, and assembly from wood to finished products. In the process, 5~6 kinds of professional production machines will be used. In addition, we need to ensure the output. An assembly line needs to be equipped with a team of about 20 people to ensure quality and quantity production. So it can be seen that mass production of bathroom cabinets is not an easy task.

Therefore, when choosing a bathroom vanities factory, you must remember not to measure it unilaterally from the perspective of price. First of all, you must be clear about ‘what is the positioning of my product’, ‘you get what you pay for’ is the eternal truth, the lowest price in this world cannot exist with the best quality or the best service at the same time . Consider the strength of the supplier in many aspects, whether it can provide you with stable supply, whether it can meet your needs, whether it has the ability to help you solve problems, etc. Then we believe that EDLER must be your best choice.

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