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Particleboard is the most basic material in every bathroom vanity. The surface of the particleboard is flat and can be veneered in various ways. We usually use the particleboard with wood grain melamine to produce bathroom vanities. Particleboard has good sound absorption and sound insulation properties, as well as heat insulation and sound absorption. 

At the same time, it has better waterproof performance than MDF. It is a relatively excellent material with a relatively high environmental protection factor.


Medium density fiberboard is a board with a density in the range of 0.50-0.88g/cm3, which is made of plant fibers, applied with urea-formaldehyde resin or other synthetic resins, and pressed under heat and pressure.

The physical and mechanical properties such as static bending strength, internal bonding strength, elastic modulus, board surface and board edge holding screw force are better than particleboard.

The surface of MDF is flat and smooth, which can be directly used for paint processing.


Plywood is made of three or more layers of veneer or thin board glued by hot pressing. The plywood is generally divided into six specifications: 3 mm, 5 mm, 9mm , 12mm , 15mm  and 18mm.

Plywood has the characteristics of not easy to deform, smooth surface and strong waterproof. is one of the highest grade materials we use.

Therefore, it has become the first choice for our high-end bathroom vanity raw materials.


EDLER Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Factory
EDLER China washroom vanity manufacturer in exhibition

EDLER (Wenzhou Look Furniture Co., Ltd.) :

EDLER is a professional bathroom vanity manufacturer in China. We have 20 years of bathroom furniture manufacturing experience and 11 years of export experience. 

We mainly produce melamine, paint and veneer bathroom vanities, using high-quality particleboard, MDF and plywood as raw materials. 


At present, we have experience in exporting bathroom vanities to more than 40 countries and regions, and produce more than 80,000 bathroom vanities every year.

We have a professional design team and sales team, and more than 40 production workers. Custom bathroom vanities for customers.

Our vision is to become the best bathroom vanity manufacturer in China. We sincerely invite you visit and guide our factory.

Factory overview

bathroom vanity cabinet manufacturer
Banding Machine
Bathroom Cabinet Factory 's Production Process

Our factory is located in Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. And we also have a office in Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. If you want to visit us, please watch the ROUTE GUIDE in advance and contact our sales staff.

We currently has a bathroom vanity production area of 6000㎡ and an office area of 300㎡. Our factory has a garden-like environment, In summer, the factory’s large lawn and creepers will make the factory look full of vitality.

The production department has more than 40 skilled employees. They are responsible for the entire production process of bathroom vanities, guaranteeing the excellence of craftsmanship and quality of our vanities. Products are like flowers, we think they are like hard gardeners taking care of our customers’ products. 

In order to ensure that we can provide you with high-quality services from overseas, we have dedicated English-speaking sales staff to connect with you on product requirements and quotations. And there are experienced product designers to design products for you and provide new product pictures. Of course, if you need us to help you purchase supporting products other than bathroom vanities, our purchasing department will help you solve it very well.

As a professional bathroom vanity manufacturer. Our factory image and team strength allows international customers to establish a good relationship of trust and cooperation with us.



The melamine finish can imitate various patterns arbitrarily, such as wood grain and stone grain. It has the advantages of bright colors, high hardness, wear resistance and good heat resistance.

We are very good at producing melamine bathroom vanities, producing more than 20,000 kinds of wood grain colors. Large output, fast delivery, low MOQ, and high-cost performance are our advantages. 


The surface of the matte paint bathroom vanities feels as smooth and delicate as a baby’s skin. 

It is the most delicate and light luxury among all Finishes. The matte paint finish easily matches all colors without being obtrusive. 

As long as you provide us with the actual color block, we can produce 100% of the color you need on the bathroom cabinet for you.


Glossy paint bathroom vanities will make the whole bathroom bright and noble.

Gloss paint process is one of our strengths. The production of gloss paint bathroom cabinets is a test of the polishing process and painting process of the bathroom vanity supplier. After all, on a mirror-like glossy painted wood board, a little impurity or pit will make the bathroom cabinet look imperfect.


Imagine incorporating natural wood elements like oak, walnut, ash into your bathroom vanity as if a real tree was right next to you. This is the close-to-nature experience brought to people by wood veneer bathroom vanities.

We usually use a combination of plywood and wood veneers. The veneer vanities are of the highest quality in terms of surface texture and material quality.

our equipment


An excellent bathroom vanity manufacturer in China must have both diligent employees and sophisticated machinery. 

We have more than 15 sets of professional equipment, mainly including cutting machines, edge banding machines, hydraulic presses, grinding machines, and processing center machine. Also equipped with a professional paint room, warehouse. 

Therefore, in the craft of bathroom vanities. We are able to complete a variety of difficult crafts that appear on melamine bathroom vanities, painted bathroom vanities and wooden veneer bathroom vanities. All in all, we can produce bathroom cabinets for almost all different countries’ market demands.

why choose us to be your bathroom vanity supplier


Since we started production in 1999, we have decided to become the best bathroom vanity manufacturer in China. As a wooden panel furniture factory, we will have many opportunities to receive orders such as wardrobes and other furniture, but bathroom vanity is always our first choice. This allows us to have a high degree of professionalism in bathroom vanity.

We know the bathroom vanity as thoroughly as we know ourselves.

Sourcing ability

We can not only provide you with the best bathroom vanity production solutions. In order to meet your development needs, we also provide you with high-quality bathroom mirrors, basins, faucets, and basin drains. We will match you with products suitable for the bathroom vanities you sell.

If you need, we can also find other bathroom products for you, which are free of charge.

Materials AND Processes

We mainly use particleboard, MDF, plywood, and other mainstream raw materials in the world to produce bathroom vanities. Our finished products mainly include melamine vanity, matte paint vanity, glossy paint vanity, and wood veneer vanity.

We are good at painting, milling, engraving, oblique edge banding.


Cost control is a very important part of the bathroom vanity manufacturer in China. We are not the cheapest bathroom vanity, but we strive to be the best quality products in the same price range and the best price in the same quality products. First of all, we know what kind of quality our products must have, so we will not blindly pursue price and cut corners on our products, and in decades of production experience, we continue to optimize the production process, we control Most costs, which also creates profit margins for our customers.


We attach great importance to customer experience, adhering to the principle of customer experience first, and profit second, we keep moving forward and doing a lot of things for our customers, because we know clearly that without customers, we will not be there. On the premise of equality and win-win, our team is willing to do more things for customers than other bathroom vanity manufacturers in China. You can often see employees or teams working overtime for customers at ten or eleven o'clock every night. As an EDLER member of the company, tired but worthwhile, if it can bring happiness to customers, that is our greatest happiness.


If one day you cooperate with us, then congratulations, your business has got our omnipotent team. Contact us, there will be professional sales docking with you, to answer any of your questions in the shortest time. From confirmation of product to quotation, we never make you wait more than 24 hours. Let the product turn from drawing to the real thing, no matter what product it is, we can complete the sample within 3 days and the slowest as slow as 7 days. This is because our organizational structure is very flexible, abandoning all irrelevant procedures just to allow customers to get their containers faster. Everything about bathroom vanity is covered by EDLER, we can always find the best solution for you.







Bathroom Vanity Assembly CAD

Order matching tracking service

Timely, excellent, and professional after-sales service is what EDLER has promised and provided.

You will receive complete sets of services for the projects in time, such as technical documents, drawings, product manuals, production schedules, production/inspection control plans, etc.

You can also get professional services from technically professional personnel including quality follow-up of sold products, site unpacking & inspection, installation guide, debugging, and technical training.

Bathroom Cabinet Shooting Scene

Filming service

If you are an e-commerce seller, or you want to start your business on the Internet. If you place an order for a product with a quantity greater than 40HQ at one time, we will take pictures of your products for free (within 10 sets) suitable for online sales (the scene needs to be taken according to the scene we provide), and we will be responsible for the pictures refinement.

Bathroom Vanity Factory Wood processing center
Play Video

Video manual service

If you place an order for products with a quantity greater than 40HQ at one time, we will provide you with a free full-process paper manual + video version of the manual production, you no longer need to spend time and energy to re-produce the manual.


                                      We look forward to cooperate with you.